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Posted By: Eric the Streetsinger
14-Mar-05 - 11:32 PM
Thread Name: Gtr: Are strings >10 bad for you?
Subject: RE: Gtr: Are strings >10 bad for you?
Absolutely not. Fact is, if you are playing, as you should, with a delicate touch,
you can play even on heavy strings without much more than a little callousing- what
I call "soft leather" callousing- on your fingertips. Remember when you play that you
only need to touch the string to the fret- not down to the fretboard, and that you
need only use enough pressure to do that. I use a medium set of strings, with
the high "E" repaced by a .15- and actually find its easier to play these strings
now than it was playing with extra slinkys way back when, before Martin Simpson
taught me about using a light touch.