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Posted By: ddw
02-Dec-99 - 12:51 AM
Thread Name: Fingerpicks???
Subject: RE: Fingerpicks???
This looks like a good thread to throw out a question that has literally been bugging me for years.

I used to use a particular kind of plastic finger picks that came in black, white, tortoise shell or colors. The unusual thing about them was that instead of being flat across from the grip band and then hugging the fingertip where they curved upward, they had a slight ridge that ran from the grips toward the end, and then flaired out so the tip was almost straight out from the finger, creating a configuration sorta like what somebody described above by bending the tips of National metals down a little.

These picks were very common in the late '60s and early '70s and the last batch of them I got had been made as a promotion for Ibanez (Sp) guitars. But they've totally disappeared. I carried one of my broken ones around for a couple of years and asked in every music store I saw if anybody knew where to get them. Never found anyone who had ever seen anything like them — which must speak to my age.

Anyway, I know it may be hard to visualize what I'm talking about, but I was wondering if any of you other old coots remember these things and know who made them. And, more importantly, if they still exist and can be had anywhere.