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Posted By: mkebenn
16-Mar-05 - 08:20 AM
Thread Name: guitar miking question
Subject: guitar miking question
MY MARTIN IS DONE! Bridge reseated, and new bone nut installed. The tech says she sounds wonderfull(well, he would, wouldn't he). However, her passive pickup is shot. Options: new passive unit, full onboard electronics(would require cutting to mount controls, which I can't stomach) or the old fashioned way, seperate guitar mike. I never was happy with the passive unit anyway, so I'm leaning toward the last choice. Question for those who use outboard mikes, what brand and model sugestions? I use a Shure SM59 for vocals, but I'm hoping not to have to buy another quite so expensive. Also, would you use the better of two mikes for voice of guitar? Thanks as always for your imput. Mike