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Posted By: Nathan in Texas
17-Mar-05 - 09:37 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Piney Jane / Pliney Jane (Grandpa Jones)
Subject: Lyr Add: PLINEY JANE (from Roy Acuff)
The Record Lady has Roy Acuff's version on Requests Page 5. Here are his lyrics

(chorus - repeated after each verse)
Pliney Jane, Pliney Jane, I'll meet you 'neath the pines
Way down in the piney woods when the moon begins to shine
Plink Plink Plank said the harper, you ought to hear her sing
Of all the girls in all this world, there's none like Pliney Jane

Pliney Jane's a pretty thing, and everywhere she goes
Every place she puts her foot a little flower grows

Some folks see the little stars just only when it's night,
But I see stars just any time when Pliney holds me tight.

Dimple cheeks and eyes of blue and limbs like sugar cane
Lord have mercy on my soul, how I love Pliney Jane

The first time I met Pliney Jane old Cupid took his dart
And rared right back and let it fly smack dab into my heart