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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
18-Mar-05 - 05:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
You guys are SOOOO funny! I live 45 miles from Dallas and I never drive there! If you don't count the trips to Love Field to take flights on Southwest Airlines, then I have been to Dallas fewer than five times in the 15 years I've lived in Fort Worth. (I also don't count the occasional trips around Dallas on my way to somewhere else, when I drove on one of the loop highways).

I have driven in Manhattan, in Washington D.C., in Atlanta, GA, In Houston, TX, in Los Angeles, CA, and plenty of times in Seattle (the freeways there are the biggest contiguous parking lot in the nation, I would hazard a guess). I can't tell you why I don't drive in Dallas, except that I never really NEED to. But there are things I'd like to do over there, so when I have enough money to go to some of the concerts, I'll probably start driving over, though there is a train now and I'd check those schedules and stations before making the drive.