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Posted By: John Robinson (aka Cittern)
19-Mar-05 - 05:59 AM
Thread Name: Julie Ellison News & Listings
Subject: RE: Julie Ellison News & Listings
Fantastic John. Thanks. More under 21's eh, to add to the Lincoln yoofs who bought the CD at Lincoln FC.

Anymore of this and I'll have to shave off my beard, stop drinking real ale and start wearing a base ball cap just to fit in .... what an image I've just painted .....

Actually I've just had a scary photo taken for the "Sandman" listings mag. as part of the publicity drive for the BOMFest free music festival in Barnsley.

There I was standing on the steps of Barnsley Town Hall (as you do) surrounded by the great and the good from the local music scene - indie rockers, DJs, rappers. I was feeling really "with it". A cool dude at 43 - can't be bad. After the "shoot", the journalist wandered over to me and said ...

"So, are you from the council?"

Crushed mate. That's the only word. Crushed .....