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Posted By: GUEST,MC Fat
24-Mar-05 - 08:08 PM
Thread Name: Barnsley at Easter
Subject: RE: Barnsley at Easter
Oh my Gawd smoking no smoking. This ban will come in totally withing the next five years, in the meantime why oh why are our knickers getting in a twist. Pubs are and always hav been associated with smoking some of my bestest friends smoke and i as a non smoker respect their right to do so even tho i don't have a go at the weed. I think some things are over the top. Recently i witnessed a non smoker closing the door (after the landlord had opened it) between the non smoking room where the session was to the rest of the pub saying the 'smoke came through' first of all this was bollocks secondly the landlord (who actually owns the pub)had the right to do what he wanted. Get a grip it's not nuclear war. Padge has done what he can it's not enforcible yet let's try and be accomidating to all