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Posted By: GUEST,Delia
24-Mar-05 - 09:03 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: 'Rose, Rose' round: More verses?
Subject: even more!!
I know
Mother Father
dig my grave
dig it with a golden spaid
bring a few friends and an early morning dove
to show that I died for love

Brother Sister at my head
lay the rose which now is dead
lay it on my moss coverd stone
my moss covered stone

hey ho hey ho
no meat no bones no body I have none
still I will be here
still I will be here

the wind in the willows
sighing like a solitary soal alone
I read this somewhere:
Rose is a haunting set of five songs, the tale of a young woman's life. Rose tells of her impending marriage. In Jack, the next song , she defies her parents, vowing to "be a fiddler's wife." Her marriage is described in Ding Dong. Unfortunately, with her marriage to the fiddler came poverty - "Heigh Ho, nobody's home." There is some debate over the meaning of the final song in the sequence, Ah Poor Bird - some believe that it talks about Rose after her death, her spirit unable to rest; others think it simply continues the description of her empoverished life, perhaps including her shame at being in her position.

Peace is not necessarily a part of the sequence, but it has the same general tune, and it is possible that it is in reference to the king mentioned in the first song, (if that is what "sire" refers to).
Peace, peace, peace, peace
Wars will come and wars will cease
We must learn to live together
Peace, peace, peace