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Posted By: Midchuck
25-Mar-05 - 08:24 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Sir Richard's Song (Kipling/Bellamy)
Subject: RE: Sir Richard's Song - what is the story?
I just learned this song. Love it.

I didn't think it referred to any actual specific historical character. Just one of the guys in William the Bastard's gang, who met a woman and settled down in England and ended up as a country squire. His grandchildren probably grew up drinking toats to "Confusion to the French!"

Reminds me just a little of what's happened to poor old Kendall.

Also reminds me of a quote I saw (and this is a rough paraphrase):

The English language is the result of attempts by Norman men-as-arms to make time with Anglo-Saxon tavern wenches, and is no more legitimate than any of the other outcomes of that activity.