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Posted By: WyoWoman
04-Dec-99 - 12:40 PM
Thread Name: Help: Sea-faring songs go Oilfield??
Subject: RE: Help: Sea-faring songs go Oilfield??
Thanks, all. I ordered that CD from Shangaied on the Willamette (and having lived in Oregon, I even know how to pronounce it!).

Stewie, I'd love to hear that tune. If you have any ideas how I could do it, I'd be appreciative.

I grew up in the oilfield and it is really surprising to me, given the importance of that industry to every nation, how little has been written about it and how few songs have come out of it. I mean, even in country/western it's only mentioned peripherally. And the movies that have been made about it are generally really stupid to anyone who knows anything about the oil business.

I liked "Local Hero" a lot, but it only touched on the actual oil bidnez, as they say where I came from, and in "Five Easy Pieces" they portrayed some fairly accurate characters on the low-life end of the scale. But, music and literature about this particular world seem to be quite limited.

Thanks for these suggestions, and I'll keep checking the thread to see what transpires here.