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Posted By: JennyO
31-Mar-05 - 09:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: I'm a mutant......!!!!
Subject: RE: BS: I'm a mutant......!!!!
inserting it into fruit flies made them sleep longer.

Fascinating stuff! I must say I've never seen a fruit fly asleep.

I have one of those people here, I'm sure. John just can't stay up really late, no matter how hard he tries, then gets up at sparrowfart to work on his train modelling, or do his washing.

Then there are people at the other end of the scale, like me, who are more likely to be going to bed just as the earlybirds are waking up. Makes for an interesting life. We do sometimes manage to connect somewhere in the middle, fortunately.

Being a nightowl like me is much more useful when you are a folkie, particularly at folk festivals - and it seems there are a lot of us! The other night, at the National in Canberra, as I tore myself away from a crowded session bar, picking my way past the tune session at the door, to go to my tent at 5am, with lights ablaze everywhere and people all over the place, I thought "What a bunch of mad buggers we are!"