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Posted By: JohnInKansas
03-Apr-05 - 06:05 AM
Thread Name: BS: eBay Strategy
Subject: RE: BS: eBay Strategy
One of my associates has mentioned having a "program" that he has used several times to place "final seconds" bids, but I don't know that he ever mentioned a name for it. It's possible he was just using e-snipes, as mentioned by several above, although I had the impression it was on his own machine since he asked some questions about how to synchronise his clock. I don't see him frequently, (and we have to seek privacy to discuss ebay if his SO is in the vicinity) but I'll try to remember to ask next time he's about.

He has also mentioned a couple of cases where someone contacted him, after he won the bid, to try to make a better offer. Apparently this sort of thing does happen. I think I've heard that seller's - and probably buyer's - email addys are available at ebay, so it might be worth corresponding with the guy who beat you out. He might give you a "first offer" option for when he decides he didn't really want it(?).

I believe there was one incident where he actually did sell a commmemorative military campaign medalion to some guy who explained he "really really wanted it because he was wounded in that campaign," but for most items your "plaintive pleas" would probably have to include references to grandma, trains, rain, prison, and an unfaithful lover .. (or was that another subject?).