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Posted By: cobber
05-Apr-05 - 09:42 PM
Thread Name: Martin 1235 guitar
Subject: RE: Martin 1235 guitar
I played a D35 12 string for a couple of years that I bought new in Australia in 1967. It was a beautiful instrument and if I remember rightly it was called a "New Yorker" which I think related to the fact that it was a short neck model, joining the body at the twelth fret. This was supposed to allow it to be tuned up to concert pitch and for normal use this was fine. When I got out on tour however, it couldn't take the Australian conditions and joints began to open up. I believe it was the type of glue they used in those days that couldn't take extreme heat and in those days we did a lot of outdoor festivals in the fierce Australian sun. Anyway, we were halfway through recording an album when the bridge lifted right off. I rang Chris Ffinch, who was at Maton at the time and he lent me one of their 12s while he fixed it. I liked the Maton so much, I offered a straight swap and they sold it for the cost of the Maton plus the repair. Anywhere other than Australia, if I saw another of those, I'd grab it.