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Posted By: Lizzie in beautiful Sidmouth
06-Apr-05 - 05:33 AM
Thread Name: Sidmouth Excitement!
Subject: RE: Sidmouth Excitement!
Hope so Lynne. I don't have an anorak! I DO have a crushed velvet, deep crimson poncho with loads of sparkly bits and long fringing though! ;0)

Hmmm...Akubura Hats.....never seen one of those Dave...Oooh! Yes I have...just 'googled' them...they're Cowboy Hats!

Wow! I thought I was excited at the start of this thread...but if you're all going to turn up wearing Cowboy Hats, I may not even be able to last the 114 days left until Folk Week! I think Cowboy Hats should be compulsory! Not really into that 'compulsory' word at ALL, but if we're talking Cowboys...well!!!! ;0)

Where's Tony Blair? Is it on his Election Manifesto? Shame there isn't a Cowboy Party to vote for! ;0)

I LOVE Cowboys! Pete Duel...Alias Smith and Jones..he was my favourite....and The High Chaparral...MANOLITO...Sigh! ;0)

Lizzie :0)

PS..Are you all coming in Cowboy Boots as well?.....Sigh! ;0)