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Posted By: EagleWing
07-Apr-05 - 12:20 PM
Thread Name: Sidmouth Excitement!
Subject: RE: Sidmouth Excitement!
all your posts worry me liz my biggest worry is youll put people off coming to a festival many are trying to save. you may be well intentioned, who knows? but youre endless posts means people looking for information have to trawl thru hundreds of threads full of nonsense. to disparage the previous festival many of us knew and loved is an insult just because you didnt like the old festival you dont have to put it down

Firstly, Lizzie started this thread and she has kept to the topic of it so why should anyone be worried by it.

Secondly, I don't think I'm the only one who is more turned on to Sidmouth than turned off it by Lizzie's silly sense of humour.

Thirdly, anyone who is turned off a festival because ther might be a couple of silly people going, probably wouldn't be going at all.

Fourthly, why is it that people who find Lizzie off-putting, spend so much time complaining about her? There are other threads and people can always start one of their own if they're that worried.

Fifthly, If bunny boiler's lack of humour and/or toleration become the hallmark of Sidmouth, that'll really put people off going.

Sixthly, I can't see where Lizzie has disparaged the previous festival. Maybe that's because I'd have to trawl through so many unnecessary complaints about her in order to find them.

Seventhly, lighten up, please, bunny!

Frank L.