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Posted By: M.Ted
07-Apr-05 - 02:21 PM
Thread Name: Playing inspite of injury/disability
Subject: RE: Playing inspite of injury/disability
I've had similar problems to yours, and have made similar adjustments--one thing that I have been forced to do is to refine my "playing by ear" ability, since I remember the melody, I can't remember the last way that I figured it out--the odd result is that I have gotten to be fairly good at working out chords and arrangements as I play, and so I can play things without remembering anything but the melody.   I seldom use barre chords as such--I play mostly up the neck, but only finger the notes I am using--most chords can be defined with two or three notes any way--when worse comes to worse and I can't find a chord, I pound on a bass note (usually either the fundamental or it's fifth) until I am in familiar territory again--as long as you keep the beat, no one really notices;-)