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Posted By: Don(Wyziwyg)T
08-Apr-05 - 12:04 PM
Thread Name: Sidmouth Excitement!
Subject: RE: Sidmouth Excitement!
Rolf Nut,

I agree that seeing your favourite artists is a good and valid reason for attending any festival, but don't quite understand your sneering and dismissive attitude to "Amateur Sessions".

You say that you have been going to Sidmouth for twenty years, and yet you haven't realised that you could have enjoyed many of those favourites much earlier. With the exception of Rolf, who was lucky enough to be discovered early in his career by the TV people (I am, by the way a committed Rolf fan), most of the people you like started out in the very sessions you disparage.

I cannot see the reasoning behind your refusal to even look at the venues most likely to feature those you will pay to see in years to come.

The sessions at Sidmouth are not loaded with untalented rank amateurs, as you would know if you had ever taken the trouble to see for youself.

Don T.