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Posted By: Muttley
09-Apr-05 - 01:26 AM
Thread Name: Playing inspite of injury/disability
Subject: RE: Playing inspite of injury/disability
"Poppagator" - Yeah that radiation/chemo combo can be a bitch wherEVER it's applied. The salivary should come back better - have you tried an aerosol spray with water between songs; you can inhale the mist abd it will lubricate your airway quite well.

For my part, the scarring has buggered the range and somewhat power - I can still sing soft,but if I want those high notes I have to go 'sotto' and it sounds like a really crappy, 'girly' version of the BeeGees: EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW !!! The power has taken a bit of a beating as well. This primarily because the predominant scar tissue is on and around the vocal chords themselves: it also causes a noticeable but relatively unexploitable 'burriness' to the sound - If I could get a Johnny Cash or Burl Ives or even a Kenny Rodgers effect, I'd be a lot more content. Still: C'est la Vie!

As for handicapped musicians; I still think one of the most awesome is a relatively unknown Aboriginal muso from Darwin in the Northern Territory. Don't think he has recorded anything and I can't recall his name off-hand but I know John Williamson, Ted Egan and (I think) Eric Bogle have all jammed with him at various times.
This guy was born blind and while at the Darwin Rubbish Tip (?City Dump for our American friends), he found an old guitar that had been thrown out - complete with strings. He had it tuned (apparently he has perfect pitch) and being left-handed he played it as is - up-side-down!!!!!
So his stings are low 'E' as No.1 and High 'E' at No.6 and he's blind

Now THAT'S bloody talented - he's also self-taught!!

Banjoman - try shark cartilage as a vitamin supplement: I think its technical name is Chondroitin (or something similar) this stuff is amazing I am told - I can't use it as there is no cartilage left in my knee to work with in the relevant areas and only a knee replacement will do the job properly. However you might also give Voltaren tablets and gel a try - the gel is fantastic; I use it on my back, shoulders, hands and even knee. Alternatively, a small electronic pain neutraliser might work; it's called a "T.E.N.S." unit

Not sure how it would go with hands - but it works wonders on the areas on my body that hurt all the time, makes life bearable. But at least give the shark cartilage and the voltaren gel a go if you can get them.
An old memory just prodded: You can't get them here now as far as I know, but I was having problems with my hands a few years ago and a supplement called "Ester C" was available and cleared me up in no time; wish ir WAS available as I also have Ross River Virus; a mosquito-borne viral disease which is permanent once you have it and produces arthritis-like symptoms all over the body - especially in the fingers and feet. Most times it's dormant, but there are days when it really kicks in and lets me know it hasn't gone away entirely!

Good Luck