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Posted By: Abuwood
09-Apr-05 - 04:26 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Larry Marr (shanty)
Subject: Lyr Add: LARRY MARR (capstan/pump shanty)
LARRY MARR (Hugill capstan/pump shanty)

1. There were five or six drunken shellbacks standin' before the bar
An' Larry he was servin' them from a fine five-gallon jar

CHORUS: Then hoist up your flag, long may it wave
Long may it lead us to the glory or the grave
Steady boys steady, we'll sound this jubilee
For Babylon's a fallen and the people are set free

2. In Larry's place way on the coast there lived old Larry Marr
Missus and Larry did employ such a big five-gallon jar. CHORUS

3. The pair they played the Shanghai game, wuz known both near an' far
They never missed a lucky chance to use the five-gallon jar. CHORUS

4. A hell-ship she wuz short o' hands, o' full red-blooded tars,
Missus an' Larry would prime the beer in their ol' five-gallon jar. CHORUS

5. Shellbacks an' farmers jist the same sailed into Larry Marr's,
And sailed away around the Horn, helped by the five-gallon jar. CHORUS

6. In 'Frisco town their names is known, as is the Cape Horn Bar,
An' the dope they serve out to ol' Jack, from the big five-gallon jar. CHORUS

7. From the Barbary Coast steer clear, me boys, an' from ol' Larry Marr,
Or else damn soon shanghaied ye'll be by Larry's five-gallon jar. CHORUS

8. Shanghaied away in a skys'l-ship around Cape Horn so far,
Goodbye to all the boys an' girls an' Larry's five-gallon jar. CHORUS

(Verses 1&7 have the first tune – rest have the second tune)

Find the tune here