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Posted By: EagleWing
09-Apr-05 - 05:52 AM
Thread Name: Sidmouth Excitement!
Subject: RE: Sidmouth Excitement!
Eagle wing

thanks for your reply unlike rolf nut i will be at sidmouth but im not kidding myself it will be the same never mind better. lizzie seems to think the loss of the arena is a good thing i dont. when you see a thread called sidmouth excitement you think maybe someone new has been booked or even that ticket prices are confirmed only to find another thread full of meaningless drivel this time about ancient tv shows.

Fair enough, but once you have discovered that it isn't the thread you hoped it would be, why don't you do as I do in such cases. ignore the thread thenceforth. If Lizzie chooses to show her excitement by drivelling meaninglessly, that's no reason to piddle on her fireworks - go and get your own fireworks and keep them dry.

Agreed, it cannot be the same Sidmouth as in the past. People will have different views on that to which they are entitled. I may well come to Sidmouth for it's intimate sessions and then to Cropredy for its large non-stop concerts. The fact that we see things differently should be no reason to attack those with a different view.

I've not seen many threads that don't creep off topic - even serious ones - so why the concern about references to TV shows. You know that is not what Lizzie started from and it is not what the thread is about. It's a conversation, for goodness sake, between people who think Sidmouth is going to be fun despite the detractors.

Rolfnut, sneeringly refers to people in the sessions "I'm sure you'll enjoy the sound of your own voices". What arrogant condecension. When I go to a session (and I'm well aware that I'm not of professional standard) I go to contibute because that is my understanding of what folk music is about. I also, and more importantly I go to listen to all the other contibuters - and perhaps pick up some tips to improve my own performance. Rolfnut obviously sees folkmusic as a "spectator" sport. He is entitled to do so but that doesn't give him any right to sneer at those who think "folk" means "people".

Frank L.