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Posted By: Lizzie in beautiful Sidmouth
09-Apr-05 - 07:57 AM
Thread Name: Sidmouth Excitement!
Subject: RE: Sidmouth Excitement!
Going back to dear Rolf Harris got me thinking again. Oh No! you all cry! ;0)

I remember reading somewhere, think it was Folk on Tap, that Steve Heap said that booking Rolf Harris for Sidmouth was one of the biggest risks he'd ever taken, and he came in for a lot of criticism for it, yetRolf turned out to be one of the most successful people Steve had ever booked, with The Arena being packed out.

I suppose you could liken that to Sidmouth Folk Week too. Never has any poor Folk Week, anywhere in the world, probably, come in for so much criticism......yet....just like Steve with wait and see what happens! At least Gordon Newton doesn't have to panic about the weather, as he has The Marquee. I admire people who are willing to take risks like that! I admired Steve Heap when I read that and it also goes for this year's Organisers too!

And then, of course, Rolf got me thinking about Kangaroos again, (!) and that also brought me back to Sidmouth, as never before have so many people tried to 'jump up and down' on a Folk Festival to kill it off....and FAILED!

Maybe we should refer to all the negative 'Guests' as 'Sidmouth Kangaroos' from now on!

By the way.....don't forget that if you want to join The Sidmouth Supporters Club, which gives you priority booking and discount at selected events, you have to join before May 1st.

Adults £10
Children £5 (aged 5-16)
Families £25.00 (two adults and up to 3 children)

See the website for details. We're just about to send off for ours this weekend....had overlooked it until this morning.....but we're hoping to join in with many more things than we've done before, the children are looking forward to the workshops and concerts etc, as I mentioned we thought we'd take the plunge!

Anyway, have a nice weekend everyone! We're all just off down to the beach....sunny one minute, rainy the next....thought we'd take 'a risk' though! ;0)

Lizzie :0)