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Posted By: GUEST
11-Apr-05 - 11:28 AM
Thread Name: Guitarist with buggered finger
Subject: RE: Guitarist with buggered finger
I play guitar for 27 years and 3 months ago, after index finger injury i started feeling pain whenever i play.What was I thinking? Ignoring the problem did not make it disapear,I just made it worse.I also dont have much fate in doctors.Few years ago I have recovered from serious back injury using my own method.I could not sit or stand longer then few minutes at the time.Doctors adviced me to lay on my back for weeks.I felt helpless,depressive,decided to do something about it.In front of astonished neighboors I crawl up the tree in the garden.It took me agonizing 15 minutes to reach branch strong enough to suport my body weight.Than I let my body strech,while hanging on my arms.Severe pain lasted split of the second,but when I got back on the ground my back was healed.Days later I was back to jogging:) If nothing else works for my finger I will relearn my instrument ,left hand:)