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Posted By: GUEST,cromdubh
11-Apr-05 - 09:45 PM
Thread Name: Guitarist with buggered finger
Subject: RE: Guitarist with buggered finger
My Uncle has been playing guitar for years and I´ve been told by others he was able to play amazingly. But now Artritis is starting to kick in and he tells me it´s very difficult to play, especially when in the back of his head, he can remember what he was able to do.

But also, he says because he has had to really strip down what he plays and use very trick he knows like an aging Sinatra managing to pull off songs he shouldn´t have been able to, the music in many ways has improved.

I think Alot of really fancy stuff is merely showboating, impressing girls or other players listening. What does the song need and merely play that. I play bass and some of the most effective bass lines are as simple as hell.

Another Friend damaged his hand and had to learn to use his thumb more. He says now it has added a whole new dimension to his playing.

Your playing days are not over.