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Posted By: Muttley
14-Apr-05 - 02:13 AM
Thread Name: songs about disabilities
Subject: RE: songs about disabilities
Just rejoined this thread after a few days in Western Victoria - where despite my buggered leg, I still managed to do a fairly strenuous bushwalk up and over "The Picaninny" (a 'smallish" hill - small compare to the other peaks in the region) of The Grampians - a rugged set of ranges in the west of the state - and I still managed to 'outwalk' and 'outendure' my 13-year-old!!!

Absolutely WET myself over the song title played for the amputee by his friends: That kind of humour is just SO Australian (mot to mention so Scottish as well: both of which are my heritage - I have both Highland and Convict blood - but that's another story). The fact that it's also a major theme song sung by the die-hard fans of Liverpool Football (Soccer) Club in England - of whom I am a huge fan, also makes it more poignant. But HOW perfectly appropriate.... You'll Never Walk Alone for an amputee, that's just SO caring and SO empathic and shows such love of their friend that they can still joke about it. Capri - I think your interpretation was right; it WAs an affirmation that - the loss of limbs changes our friendship 'NOT A WHIT' !!!! As it should be.

Capri - I too HATE syrupy children's titles and characters: For example I just absolutely DESPISE all the Beatrix Potter garbage - The Flopsy Bunnies, Peter Cottontail, Jemima Puddleduck - that woman should have been drowned before she got the chance to pollute children's minds with that kind of saccharine-sweet rubbish. Another is those bloody "Teletubbies"; I don't think ANYthing insults the intelligence of children from 1 day old to whatever as much as those revolting things do. I am not moved to write serious songs; but I do write the odd parody; "Saltwater" (using Julian Lennon's tune) is a song about rancid tuck shop (canteen) food at school and was done to honour a friend - a Christian muso - who suicided a couple of years ago. And most lately "Blame It On The Tellies" - using the tune to "Blame it on the Kelly's; a song about the Australian Bushranger and his family. I play it for kids at school and tell them the story about how I freaked out a store security guard who challenged me over belting Teletubby dolls around our local K-Mart store with my walking stick not long after I got out of the wheelchair - they LOVE it. I have a couple of others I have written too, but I don't play my own stuff very often; just don't think they're that good.

However, on the subject of disabled entertainers: We have one over here called "Steady Eddie". Eddy is a CP who can walk and communicates well. His speech, expressions and mannerisms are all fairly obviously CP, but he also does a stand-up routine around the country (think he's been to a couple of international comedy festivals as well) and his whole routine is based aroundCP and the way "normals" react to it - usually poorly - unfortunately his language leaves a LOT to be desired and he has become somewhat 'dated' as well.

As for "welittledrummer"; I'd LOVE to hear your music, friend. I'd be honoured to receive your tape.

Anyway, there's my 'sixpence in the hat' again