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Posted By: Vixen
14-Apr-05 - 10:04 AM
Thread Name: American Revolution Music Questions
Subject: RE: Amer. Rev. Music Questions
Wow! Thanks for all the input...

Allen's list has some tunes on it we hadn't found yet.

Leadfingers...1916 is right, but I thought it was Wild Geese because of:

"'Twas England bade our wild geese go
That small nations might be free.
Their lonely graves are by Suvla's waves
On the fringe of the grey North Sea.

Animaterra--Thank you much--anything you can turn up will be helpful, I'm sure. Reynaud was disappointed to learn that the concertina was invented in 1820!

Pavane--Thanks for the costume idea--I'll pick up a couple of quills for our hats!

Mudcats are amazing!

V 'n' R