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Posted By: Abby Sale
14-Apr-05 - 05:58 PM
Thread Name: songs about disabilities
Subject: RE: songs about disabilities
Hmmm. I notice there's very little in the thread offering traditional songs dealing with disabilities. No classic ones, certainly. I don't know if that means disability wasn't an issue (if you were king with a hunchback, you were still king) or if disabled were just not interesting enough to write about. Well, there are quite a few songs in Digitrad in which a character is hurt some way - lamed, blinded or whatever but then the song pretty much ends. Still there are some that go into it briefly. One of my favorites deals briefly (although I'm not sure what "lesson" is to be learned from it):

From "Johnny of Braidesley"
(Child #114)

The first shot that the forester fired,
It wounded him on the knee;
The nexst shot that the forester fired
His heart's bleed blin't his e'e.

Then up rose Johnnie oot o' his sleep,
And an angry man was he;
Says, "Ye micht hae waukened me frae my sleep,
For my heart's blood blins my e'e."

He has leaned his back against an oak,
His foot against a stone,
And he has fired at the seven foresters,
And he's killed them all but one.

His has broken four o' this man's ribs,
His arm and his collar bone,
And he has set him on to his horse,,
To carry the tidings home.

Not too bad for a guy with a bust knee and (assumedly) unable to see.