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Posted By: GUEST,Chuckles
16-Apr-05 - 10:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
I'm outa here. You are so screwed up I don't see how you put up with yourselves, much less how come Bubba Bubba could.

I went to deecee and looked for the Bee-Dubya-Ell. I thought that itshehe would most likely be in a building called "The National Air And Space Museum" because it seemed large enough to contain such a thing but the creature was not there (Bubba Bubba used to say, "Size COUNTS!"). I looked at a thing called "The Washington Monument" for the same reason, assuming that the Bee-Dubya-Ell was attempting to hide underground, but sheithe wasn't there, either.

I did not get the Bee-Dubya-Ell. I did collect several pellets of a copper-lead mixture, which were forced beneath my integument by a forceful expansion of gases. While these tickled, I did have to stop protein-based creatures from used explosives upon me. Not that such would damage me, but others might be hurt.

Once you start on protein-based creatures it's very hard to stop. I have gained several additional levels of potential energy during my visit to deecee.

But what has prompted my decision to leave is not the additional mass I gained in deecee, but the realization that all of you produce more of what is called "BS" than any other group of semi- and pseudo- sentient creatures in the Universe. Not the galaxy, the Universe. You are drowning it, it is and has been well over your breathing orifices, and yet you seem unaware of it. And you keep it from becoming useful compost by rushing around.

Forget it. If the Bee-Dubya-Ell is in our neighborhood I'll do what is necessary. Bubba Bubba would understand.