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Posted By: Once Famous
19-Apr-05 - 01:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: The New Anti-semitism
Subject: RE: BS: The New Anti-semitism
Robo is right. CarolC, Curator, and guys like RON DAVIES who thinks that just because he uses his real name makes him credible and superior but doesn't realize that I can laugh extra hard at the real named person RON DAVIES going through life as a fool.

RON DAVIES, you are a leftist who has no clue to my culture or really much of anyone's except your own. Please go pray to your ACLU/politically correct Kerry statue and realize that your opinion means crap to me. I have more respect for honest Guests here than I do for you. If you want a medal for using your real name here, first get a chest to pin it on. Personnally, I think you are a total fool for doing so.

Curator, it's been fun yanking your chain. Your country is third rate and so is your knowledge. CarolC's is even lower and will constantly be acknowledged by me for all to read that she is the most anti-Israel, anti-Jew, anti-American on this forum. I could give a crap if she pees sitting down or if her name was CarlC. She's dangerous to people and this country. I hope if the FBI monitors this forum which I am sure they do at this point that they got her pegged.

Anti-Semitism lives as usual through the Mudcat forum. The point of my initial post all along. Thanks for continuing to identify who you are.

Love ya!