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Posted By: Amos
20-Apr-05 - 11:13 AM
Thread Name: BS: Biblical Quotes Support 'Premarital Sex?
Subject: RE: BS: Biblical Quotes Support 'Premarital Sex?
This is the kind of bullshit that has been going down since the Simian Era -- when folks get it in their mind they want nookie, all bets are off and any rationalization, justification, fabrication or PR gimmick that can serve will be pressed into service no matter how ridiculous. The guy is just screwing. And he is invoking the testament as glibly as any two-bit tent preacher trying to make it happen. He is so immersed in his justofocations he can't see straight, and she is buying a package of profoundly, criminally false advertising.

For a fourteen year-old girl to be subjected to this kind of horsepucky is criminal. She is well below the age of consent and under the law he can be prosecuted for violating the moral standards of the community. In fact, it might do him a world of good to be advised that prosecution is being contemplated. He's committing a crime, legally, and morally -- not just because of the sex but because of the perversion of religious argument as a means of overwhelming another being for his own sexual purposes. He is leaving scars and doesn't even know it because he is thinking with his wee scrotum.

Hanging? Boiling in oil?