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Posted By: George Papavgeris
20-Apr-05 - 01:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: Biblical Quotes Support 'Premarital Sex?
Subject: RE: BS: Biblical Quotes Support 'Premarital Sex?
This is so preposterous, it doesn't bear thinking. The little eejit is committing a felony and a sin. And to top it, he is abusing religion and mocking it. No defense, no excuse. He desrves a very hard kicking in the nadgers.

My concern would be for the girl. As has been pointed out already, she has interest in him, she has been "snared", and needs to be let down gently and carefully to avoid overreaction or even embarassment.

Recruit to your cause those she trusts most - pastor, if she is a believer, her friends, favourite teacher, whatever works.

And you may be well advised to set up some injunction afterwards, against him seeing her or coming near your home. We have seen some very ugly attempts at revenge in the news over the years.