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Posted By: ejsant
21-Apr-05 - 12:47 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: The Wexford Lovers
Subject: Tune Req: The Wexford Lovers

I came across this song and have been unable to find any information about the tune to which it was sung. No information about the song is given in the reference I have other than the title and verses.

It is a story about two young lovers, a rich farmer's son a "Roman" as well, William Reilly and the daughter Susan of what I am assuming to be a titled family or close thereto in the social hierarchy as she is betrayed by her maid in waiting.

When she is forbidden by her mother to marry her only true love she threatens to take her own life if denied her Willy's love. Susan's mother pretends to capitulate and tells her daughter to send for Reilly but secretly, not so as it turns out, charges the Steward to lie in wait for him to shoot him dead. He escapes with slight injury but not with-out shooting the Steward and a wounding two of the "Tighmon crew" that gave chase. The young maiden is taken prisoner and young Reilly whilst rescuing her shoots Sergeant Gore and they hightail it to Wexford and he goes to sea. Susan's father mortgages all his property in hopes of leaving her poor and she laments that she would deny her father's riches and surely beg the world over with her Roman boy.

I would welcome any information about the song and its origins as well as a melody. When time permits I will post the verses and my reference. Thank you as always for your time and assistance.