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Posted By: Dave'sWife
21-Apr-05 - 02:06 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Love Is Blind (Barry Gibb)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Love is Blind-BARRY GIBB
Don't know the song in question but I can say that Barry Gibb has written some nice songs over the years.

I still have an old Bee Gees Album from the early 70s called LIFE IN A TIN CAN that is very country-ish and has some nice songs on it. One, Johnnie Bridie, pops up every now and then amongst some people my age when we get together. They all seem to think it is Trad or at the very least, something from a folk artist. I like South Dakota Morning very much as well from the same album.

That CD is available now and it's worth picking up. I never cared much for the warbely voice of Robin Gibb who often sings half or more of any of the songs on a given Bee Gees album but some of the songs he's been given to sing are just as nice. If you can get past his idosyncratic delivery, that is.

Another nice song of Barry Gibb's is 'Rest your love on me tonight' I'm not sure they ever recorded it themselves.

When I was very active playing and singing in the late 70s a couple of Gibb tunes were always in our repertoire. Songs such as 'Sweetheart'and 'Don't forget to remember me' used to go over very well with much older audiences who assumed they were a old songs. They have that feel to them. Yes, yes, they are a little syrupy, but people enjoy hearing them.

I hadn't though of those songs in YEARS, until I saw this thread.

My husband, who is not davetnova, and I always laugh when that Beavis & Buthhead epsiode comes on and they hear Jive Talkin'. The two of them love it, start dancing to it and think the Bee Gee are The Black Crowes. That was back when B&B were permitted to like songs and not just diss everything. A prompt halt was put to that because they were accused of using their influence to promote certain artists. Silly! The cartoon was more amusing then because the things they liked were genuinely odd and their reasons for liking the song just as strange. Somehow I don't think the Bee Gees Album MAIN COURSE, which features Jive Talkin', saw any huge jump in sales.