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Posted By: Peace
22-Apr-05 - 12:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: Lessons Learned from Mom
Subject: RE: BS: Lessons Learned from Mom
For those of you who have mothers left, I have a piece of advice, albeit, unsolicited. If you haven't told her you love her lately, do so now. If you have been estranged, fix it. If you have argued lately, apologize. In twenty years it will not matter a damn who was right. Suck it up and say you're sorry. If you haven't seen her in ten years because the visit drives you nuts, visit anyway. You will want someone to do that for you when you get old and maybe ready to depart "this mortal coil".

Fifteen year old kid talking to his aunt. He says he knows his mother better than she knows him. The aunts says, "Well, Billy, it's true that you have known her for fifteen years. But, SHE has known you all your life."

Some wisdom in that old saw.