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Thread Name: Irish Emigrant Ballads and Songs Index
Subject: Irish Emigrant Ballads and Songs Index
Greetings All,

I was asked in another thread to post the Index of Songs contained in Robert L. Wright's edited Irish Emigrant Ballads and Songs. The following is the first installment, Chapter One of ten chapters. I hope this effort is helpful to many.


Index of Songs in Irish Emigrant Ballads and Songs
As edited by Robert L. Wright
And published by Bowling Green University Popular Press 1975
ISBN# 0-87972-104-9

Chapter 1 - The Situation in Ireland

Title - First Line
Oh! Once We Were Illigant People - Same first line

The Troubles of Erin - "We know there are many in Erin"

Ireland, Poor Ireland - "There's a dear little island o'er the sea"

Echoes From Ireland -"Old Ireland we know it is in a bad state"

What's Dear Ireland Come to -"One cold winter's night as the day was dawning"

The Dear Emerald Isle - "Kind friends, will ye help a poor, weary stranger"

The Wrongs of Erin - "You learned men of fame excuse a feeble frame"

A New Song, Called, The Distressed Sons of Erin! - "Sweet Erin, my country, how long wilt thou grieve"

The Farmer's Distress - "You farmers of the nation of high and low degree"

John Malone - "You persecuted Wexfordmen, wherever you may be"

Lament of the Evicted Irish Peasant - "The night is dark and dreary"

A New Song Entitled The Kerry Eviction - "A farmer named McMahan in Kerry once did dwell"

The Irish Tennant Farmers Lament From Eviction From His Native Home - "All you that simpathize with poor old Ireland"

Evictions in Ireland, or, Why Did I Leave My Country - "I love to sing of Erin's Isle, a country dear to me"

Three Leaves of Shamrock - "When leaving dear old Ireland in the merry month of June"

Skibbereen - "Oh, Father, I often heard you talk of Erin's lovely isle"

Skibbereen - Editor's note: "This variant seems quite different musically"

New Song of Skibbereen - "What cry is this upon the winds"

An Irish Marseillaise - "Rise! Rise! a glorious day is breaking"

A New Song Call'd The Old Mans Complaint of His Landlord - "Good people lend an era, sa's the poor old man"

The Irish Emigrant's Address to His Landlord… - "I'm now going to a country where"

The Races of Ballyhooly (in Irish and English) - "A story I've to tell you, friends and 'tis is no false relation"

Memory of The Dead (Who Fears to Speak of Ninety-Eight?) - "Who Fears to Speak of Ninety-Eight?"

Irish Patriots of 98 - "Ye heroes brave of ninety-eight"

An Excellent New Song on a Seditious Pamphlet - "Brocades and damasks and tabbies and gauzes"

My Emmett's No More - "Despair in her wild eyes, a daughter of Erin"

The Repeal of the Union-Erin's Rights - "Now just give attention, you sons of Hibernia"

Home Rule and Freedom - "There's a nation called Erin, the land I was born in"

The Lamentation of Michael Barrett - "I will unfold to young an old if you but lend an ear"

A New Song on the General Taxation of Our Days - "Come neibours draw near till I tell you a tale"

A New Song on the Taxes - "All you young men an' maidens come an' listen to my song"

The Irish Land League - "Of the wrongs of Ireland I will sing"

The Land Leagues Advice to the Tenant Farmers of Ireland - "Attend to me you tenant farmers that's assembled in this town"

Catholic Rent - "You genuine muse devine your aid to me incline"

The Church Bill and Downfall of Bribery - "You sons of the Shamrock attend to my ditty"

The Famine Song - "Oh, the praties they are small, over here, over here"

Amhran Na Braptai Dubha – The Song of the Black Potatoes (in Irish and English) - "O! King of Glory, hear and answer us"

The Blighted Potates - "Ther is a man going through the land"

A New Song of the Rotten Potatoes - "You landlords of Ireland I'd have you beware,"

Erin Go Bragh! - "Green was the fields where my forefathers dwelt"

Relief For Ireland - "Arouse, my Irish heroes! it's painful to relate;"

Fenian's Hope of Independence - "Come, all you true bred Irishmen, and listen unto me"

A New Song on the Hiring of Servants - "You young men and maidens draw near for awhile"

New Song on the Surprising Victory of an Emigrant Female Over a Desperate Robber and Highwayman… - "I pray attend and ear now lend to what I'll here relate."

I'm Irish to the Backbone - "I'm Irish, and soon I will show you"

You Can Emigrate For Nothing, Boys - Same first line

The Oul' Bog Hole – The Emigrant's Tragedy - "Ye Patterson's of Erin's Isle, come due attention pay"

Give Me Three Grains of Corn, Mother - Same first line