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Thread Name: Irish Emigrant Ballads and Songs Index
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Greetings All,

Here is the second installment:

Index of Songs in Irish Emigrant Ballads and Songs
As edited by Robert L. Wright
And published by Bowling Green University Popular Press 1975
ISBN# 0-87972-104-9

Chapter 2 - Farewell

Title - First Line

Across the Western Ocean - "O the times are hard"

An Admired Song Called The Poor Irish Stranger - "Ah pity the fate of a poor Irish stranger"

Beautiful Erin - "Beautiful Erin! I leave thy shore"

The Bright Land of Freedom - "Attend for a while to these lines that I now mention"

Campbell's Farewell to Ireland - "Farewell to old Ireland, the place of my Nativity"

Cloughwater or The Shamrock Shore - "My friends and comrades, pray pay attention,"

Come All You True Bred Irishmen - Same first line

The Country I'm Leaving Behind - "My barque leaves the harbour tomorrow,"

The Donegal Emigrant - "I've just left Donegal and I thought I'd give a call"

The Emigrant - "The bark bounded swift o'er the blue swelling ocean"

The Emigrants - "Sad was the day we said farewell"

The Emigrant's Farewell - "I'm leaving you at last, Mary, and all I love behind"

The Emigrant's Farewell, For 1865 - "Oh, sure, 'twould melt the hardest heart"

The Emigrant's Farewell to Ballyshannon - "Farewell, my loyal comrades, for from you I must go"

The Emigrant's Farewell To Erin - "O Gladstone, my darling, I bless you"

The Emigrant's Farewell To Ireland - "Adelu farewell to all my friends"

The Emigrant's Farewell To Ireland - "Farewell to old Ireland, the land of my fathers,"

The Emigrant's Voyage to America - "On the twenty-second day of March eighteen and ninety-four"

Erin, Dear Good-Bye - "I'm leaving now my native home"

Erin, Adieu - "Adieu! to thee, Erin, a long last adieu!"

Erinn, Farewell - "The last breeze from Erinn,"

Evicted Farmer's Farewell - "Farewell, farewell, my native shore"

The Exile - "Farewell, and forever, my loved isle of sorrow"

The Exile (Irish and English) - "Farewell, farewell, dear land of mine"

Farewell My Native Land - "I'm on the obean and bound far away"

Farewell, Lovely Erin - "Farewell, lovely Erin, from thee I must wander"

Farewell To Ireland - "Tho' on the great ship's deck I stand"

Farewell To Ireland - "Farewell unto thee river Bann"

Farewell To The Village - "At the dawn of the morning the ship will be sailing"

A Favorite Song Called Shan Van Vought's Farewell to Ireland - "My sons are going away says the shan van vought"

Going Far Away - "Arrah, boys, I am going to leave you but it's only for a while"

Good-Bye Johnny Dear - "Just twenty years ago to-day"

Good-By, Mike, Good-By, Pat - "The ship will sail in half and hour, to cross the broad Atlantic"

The Green Fields of America - "Farewell to the land of shillelagh and shamrock"

The Irish Exile - "Oh! Where has the exile his home?"

The Irishman's Farewell To His Country - "O farewell Ireland I'm going across the stormy main"

The Irishman's Home - "Farewell to the Cot on the Mountain"

The Irish Patriot - "Last night while sitting on a deck, with my colleen by my hand"

The Kilrane Boys - "On the thirteenth day of April in the year of Forty-four"

Lament of the Emigrant - "And I must leave my native shores, and cross the distant seas"

Leaving Erin - "Farewell, Erin, I now must leave you for to cross the raging main"

M'Dermott's Farewell - "As on this quay of Limerick's city I heard a young man say"

Muirsheen Durkin - "In the days I went a courtin'"

A Much Admired Song Call'd Remember Me - "Our ship is ready to sail away"

A Much-Admired Song Entitled The Emigrants Farewell To His Country - "Now our ship is ready to bear away"

The Ship Is Ready To Sail Away - Same first line

My Native Irish Home - "Good bye to you poor Erin's Isle"

A New Song Called The Emigrant's Farewell To Donegall - "Good people all on you I call give ear to those lives you soon shall hear"

A New Song Cal'd The Poor Wanderrer Sighs And Grief On Parting His Native Land - "Oh Erin my country tho thousands did leave thee"

A New Song Called Paddy's Farewell - "Farewell Belfast, my native home dear friends I bid adieu"

Old Mud Cabin On The Hill - "Go sell the pig and cow, Aggrah, to take you far away"

Pat Murphy's Farewell to Ireland - "I am leaving poor old Ireland to cross oe'r the sea"

Patrick Fitzgerald's Farewell To Ireland - "Adieu unto old Ireland, of you I take my last farewell"

Patriot's Farewell - "Farewell sweet Erin's lovely vale"

The Poor Irish Boy - "I am a poor boy born in Old Erin"

Poor Pat Must Emigrate - "Farewell, you sons of Erin's Isle, I now must leave you for awhile"

The Emigrant - "Farewell to poor old Erin's Isle"

The Shamrock Shore - "Farewell, dear Erin's native isle"

A Much Admired Song Called The Irishman's Farewell To His Country – Bound For America - "Farewell, dear Erin's lovely isle, for here I cannot stay"

The Shamrock Shore (A Variant Tune) - "Farewell, dear Erin's lovely isle, for here I cannot stay"

Shores of Amerikay - "I'm bidding farewell to the land of my youth"

Slieve Gallon Brae - "As I went a-walking one morning in May"

Song Of An Exile - "Farewell, and for ever, my loved isle of sorrow"

The Song Of The Exile - "O Erin! for thee how oft I sighed"

Sweet Cootehill Town - "Now fare you well, sweet Cootehill town"

Voice Of Erin - "America dear Eden land"

What Paddy Can Say More - "Last night while sitting by the fire"

Wild Irish Boy - "Farewell to the dear land I leave far behind"

The Winding Banks Of Barrow Or The Carlow Emigrant's Last Adieu - "Adieu! my native place, and River Barrow, a last adieu"