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Thread Name: Irish Emigrant Ballads and Songs Index
Subject: RE: Irish Emigrant Ballads and Songs Index
The Third Installment:

Index of Songs in Irish Emigrant Ballads and Songs
As edited by Robert L. Wright
And published by Bowling Green University Popular Press 1975
ISBN# 0-87972-104-9

Chapter 3 – The Banished and The Transported

Title - First Line

The Rambler From Clare - "The first of my courtship that ever was known"

The Irish Transport - "In the county of Limerick, near the town of Ramshorn"

The Banished Defender - "You Catholics of Erin, give ear unto these lines I write"

The Fenian's Escape - "Now, boys, if you will listen to the story I'll relate"

The Ballad of the Catalpa - "She was a Yankee whale ship and commander"

A New Song Simpathiseing with the Fenian Exiles - "My Limerick friends come rally around"

The Escape of Stephens, the Fenian Chief - "Perhaps you'd like to know"

The Welcome to James Stephens - "All hail to Jimmie Stephens"

Gallant Michael Hayes - "I am a bold undaunted fox, that never was before on tramp"

The Gallant Farmers' Farewell to Ireland - "Farewell to old Ireland the land of my Fathers"

Trial and Sentence of Mitchell - "I pray give attention, to what I'm going to mention"

Granua's Lament For The Loss Of The Blackbird Mitchell - "Come all you Irishmen both great and small"

W. McNamara's Lament for John Mitchell - "You Irish heroes of Hibernia's nation"

Mrs. Mitchel's Lament For Her Husband - "I am an unhappy female in grief I'm left bewailing"

John Mitchel, The Irish Patriot and Exile - "He's come, he has come, the Steamer is landing"

Mitchel's Address To His Countrymen - "I am a bold true Irishman"

Mitchel's Farewell to Ireland - "Farewell to you dear Erin's shore"

The Escape of Meagher - "You true Irish heroes to me lend an ear"

New Song On The Banishment of Patrick Brady - "You sons of poor old Granuale, I hope you will attend"

Rossa's Farewell to Erin - "Farewell to friends of Dublin Town"

Song of an Exile - "In Ireland 'tis evening – from toil my friends hie all"

Burke's Farewell - "Farewell to the land of my birth and adoption"

Burke's Reprievd - "You sons of old Erin I pray you draw nigh then"

Sweet Clonalee - "When first from my country a stranger I went"

The Irish Mail Robber - "It's adieu to old Ireland"

Smith O'Brien's Farewell - "Farewell to you, dear Erin's shore

A Much Admired Song Called Green On The Cape – "I'm a lad that's forced in exile from my native land"