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Posted By: GUEST,
24-Apr-05 - 02:16 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier
Subject: RE: Origins: Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier
I think this is very close to at least the version that James Taylor sings. Enjoy

Intro: D C Asus Em

G         D         C Asus Em      
There she sits on Buttermilk Hill.

   Em7       Bm7      C      Asus Em
Oh who could blame her crying her fill.

Em    G          Asus    C         C      G   D    Asus Em
Every tear would turn a mill… Johnny has gone for a soldier

   G            D         C Asus       Em   

G      D    C Asus    Em      Em7         Bm7          C Asus Em
Me oh my, she loved him so      Broke her heart just to see him go.

Em    G       Asus    C         C      G   D   Asus Em
Only time will heal her woe.    Johnny has gone for a soldier

   G       D         C Asus       Em   
Em7           Bm7       C Asus       Em
Em       G         Asus          C C9 D Em

G            D             C   Asus Em    Em7          Bm7 C Asus   Em
She sold her rock and she sold her hill.She sold her only spinning wheel

Em         G       Asus    C            C      G   D    Asus Em
To by her love his sword of steel   Johnny has gone for a soldier

   G            D         C Asus      Em   
She'll die her dress, shell die in red

    Em7                    Bm7       C       Asus   Em
And in the streets go begging for bread

Em    G                Asus    C
The one she loves from her has fled

C            G   D    Asus         Em
Johnny has gone for a soldier