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Thread Name: Irish Emigrant Ballads and Songs Index
Subject: RE: Irish Emigrant Ballads and Songs Index
Index of Songs in Irish Emigrant Ballads and Songs
As edited by Robert L. Wright
and published by Bowling Green University Popular Press 1975
ISBN# 0-87972-104-9

Chapters 4 and 5:

Chapter 4 – Some Well Known Emigrants

Title - First Line

The Exile of Erin (Irish and English) - "There came to the beach a poor Exile of Erin"

The Irish Emigrant (plus two variants) - "I'm sitting by the stile Mary"

Sequel To The Irish Emigrant - "Oh! Mary, I should happy be, if you was but alive"

Answer to the Irish Emigrant - "I'm coming back to you, Mary, Australia's shores I find"

Parody on the Irish Emigrant - "I'm sitting on a rail, Judy"

Lament of the Good Irish Hunter - "I'm sitting on the stile, Mary"

A Parody on the Lament of the Irish Emigrant - "I'm traveling on the Isle, Sarah, through drifts and banks of snow"

Pat Molloy - "At sixteen years of age, I was my mother's fair-haired boy"

Return of Pat Molloy - "When I landed safe in Dublin-town, I met a castle-back – "

Parody on Pat Molloy - "At sixty years of age, I was my mother's gray-hair boy"

O'Reilly the Fisherman (plus four variations) - "As I roved out one evening fair down by a riverside"

Young Riley - "First in dis country I came a stranger"

Young Riley - "As I was walking through the county of Cavan"

Susan & Young Riley - "You tender maidens I pray draw near"

The Wexford Lovers - "You tender maidens I pray draw near"

Chapter 5 – Hazards of the Crossing

Title - First Line

A New Song on the Melancholy Loss of the Emigrant Ship, Anglo-Saxon - "I call on every Irishman to listen to my song"

Lines, Written on the Wreck of the Anglo-Saxon - "Attention pay both young and old, I hope you'll lend an ear"

Bold McCarthy (The City of Baltimore) - "Come all you true-born Irishmen, a story I will tell"

Burning of an Emigrant Ship - "Come all ye Irish people"

Dreadful Catastrophe at Sea, Burning of the Ship "Austria" - "You feeling-hearted christians through this country"

Captain Colston - "You landsmen all, on you I call, you heroes stout and brave"

Captain Thompson - "My mind being much inclined to cross the raging main"

The Distress of the American, New York - "Come all ye rakish young men, that does intend to roam"

Dublin Bay (Roy Neill) - "They sailed away, in a gallant bark"

The Emigrants - "To the New York Trainer I do belong"

The Glasgow - "All you who love your native land and mean to emigrate"

Lamentable Lines on the Burning of the "Cospatrick" - "You feeling-hearted Christians wherever that you be"

Lamentable Lines on the Dreadful Shipwreck in America - "Of a terrible shipwreck we are told, the Columbus was her name"

The Wreck of the Columbus - "Kind friends, if you will list a while, a sad tale I'll relate"

Lamentable Lines Written on the Total Loss of the Baroque Edmond - "You landsmen all I pray attend and to me lend an ear"

Lamentation of the Loss of an Emigrant Ship - "You inhabitants of Ireland I hope you will lend an ear"

A Lamentation on the Loss of the St. George - "Draw near each tender Christian, assist my feeble hand"

Lament for the Loss of the Ship Union - "When I was young and in my prime"

The Loss of the Atlantic Steamship - "You feeling-hearted Christians of high and low degree"

The Loss of the Belfast Lark - "Come all you faithful christians I hope you will draw near"

The Loss of the Convict Ship That Sailed From the Cove of Cork - "Come all you tender Christians that hear my tale of woe"

The Loss of the "Exmouth" - "Come all you worthy people all round the shamrock shore"

The Loss of the Jupiter - "You landsmen all pay attention, and listen to my theme"

The Lady of the Lake - "One evening as I chanced to stray along the banks of the Clide"

The Loss of the Lady of the Lake - You inhabitants of Ireland, attend to what I say"

Loss of the Pomona, & 380 Souls - "All you who live at home on land, come listen unto me"

The Pomona - "As I roved out one morning just at the early dawn"

The Loss of the Rob Roy - "Draw near you gallant seamen, bold and you land men also"

The Loss of the Ship Jane Maria - "Come all you gallant seamen bold, that ploughs the raging main"

Loss of the Ship Newry - "Give ear you tender hearted until that I relate"

A New Irish Song - "Let every jovial Irish soul desirous of promotion"

The Ship Eliza - "Come all you young men that live in Ireland"

A Sorrowful Lamentation on the Late Shipwrecks - "You landsmen all on you I call, and gallant seamen too"

Sorrowful Lamentation on the Loss of the "Annie Jane" - "You husbands, wives, and children, that lives in Erin's shore"

Sorrowful Lamentation on the Loss of the North Star - "You landsmen all, on you I call, and gallant seamen too"

The Sorrowful Lamentation for the Loss of the Royal Ship Highbernia - "Good people all I pray attend and listen unto me"

The Wreck of the Rebecca - "When first I thought on Americay"