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Posted By: Philippa
09-Dec-99 - 11:45 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Dance to your Shadow
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dance to your Shadow
I've done a rough translation of the Gaelic words:

Bandó ribinnean a shioda's de ribinnean
[bands of silken ribbons]
Bandó ribinnean á ruidealadh mu'd cheann-sa.
[bands of ribbons woven about my head]
[McLaren dictionary trans. of 'ruideal' - a riddle, a coarse sieve; in English 'to riddle' can mean to sift or to poke holes in]

Theid mi null air an abhuinn
Thig mi nall air an abhuinn
Choimheadair an taillear.

I'll go across the river
I'll come across the river
To see the tailor
[? I would translate it as 'the tailor is beeing watched', but in context "to see the tailor" is better]

Tha na maoir ga ma shireadh
[The steward is pursuing me] ...

Cha gabh mi ach taillear.
[I'll have none but the tailor]
['Cha gabh' is two words.]