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Posted By: lamarca
09-Dec-99 - 01:57 PM
Thread Name: J. Moulden or Philippa: Two sisters
Subject: RE: J. Moulden or Philippa: Two sisters
Thanks, John (and Philippa) - I've always thought this was an American version that snuck back across the ocean. There's no harps or fiddles made out of body parts. The supernatural elements were always the first things to get jettisoned when Anglo-Irish ballads came to the USA; although not in all cases, such as "Wind and Rain". If you could back-track it on your end, I'll keep checking my North American collections and see if I can find any similar printed versions here.

Since I've already stolen collected numerous songs from Andy Irvine's recordings (he's one of my favorite singers), it would be funny if this song, one of the few I've ever had given to me by another musician (Claudine from Touchstone), turns out to be one of his repertoire, too...