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Posted By: ejsant
27-Apr-05 - 01:16 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: The Wexford Lovers
Subject: RE: Tune Req: The Wexford Lovers
Greetings Martin,

I visited Paddy Berry's website and found his second book entitled "More Wexford Ballads" is still available for purchase. There are also two CDs available that have over 40 songs between the two. I also gathered enough courage to email Paddy and he informed me that the first book has been out of print for so long that there are none available new. I will order the second book from him so if you turn up the first I would still be interested.

Paddy wasn't sure that "The Wexford Lovers" was a County Wexford song but in doing further research I found that it may be a variation of the song "Susan & Young Riley". Both tell basically the same tale and seem to be set in the same place and time. There are minor differences. The phrasing seems different but this is based solely on the structure as printed, not that I have listened to a recording of the two versions to compare. Paddy was unaware of any particular air for the song.

I apologize if my rambling seems sophomoric. Actually in my view sophomoric would be a graduation as I view myself as being in the primary school grades of Irish song.

Thank you and everyone for their patience as I travel this path.