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Posted By: Mbo
09-Dec-99 - 06:13 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: The Music of Healing (Tommy Sands)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE MUSIC OF HEALING (Tommy Sands)
I hope this will make Larry, GeorgeH, Big Mick, Alison, Aine, and McGrath happy. I know it makes ME happy!


Actually by Tommy Sands. --JoeClone, 4-Apr-03.

Don't beat the drum; that frightens the children.
Don't sing the songs about winning and losing.
Sit down beside me. The green fields are breeding.
Sing me the music of healing.

Sing me a song of a lover returning,
And after the night, and in the morning,
Bring me the news of a new day that's dawning.
Sing me the music of healing.

CHORUS: Oh, oh, the heart's a wonder,
Stronger than the guns of thunder.
Even when we're torn asunder,
Love will come again.

Sometimes the truth's like a hare in a coalfield.
You know that it's there, but you can't put your arms
Round it. All you can hope for is to follow its footprints.
Sing me the music of healing.

Who would have thought I could feel so contented
To learn I was wrong after all of my rambles?
I've learned to be hard. I've learned to be humble.
Sing me the music of healing. CHORUS

Somehow the cycle of vengeance keeps turning
Till each other's sorrows and songs we start learning.
Peace is the prize for those who are daring.
Sing me the music of healing.

Time is your friend. it cures all your sorrows.
But how can I wait for another tomorrow?
One step today, and a thousand will follow.
Sing me the music of healing. CHORUS TWICE

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