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Posted By: cobber
30-Apr-05 - 11:01 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Percy Grainger
Subject: RE: Folklore: Percy Grainger
Most people, particularly in Australia and New Zealand at the time held the current view of the racial superiority of the English race and Grainger would have been unusual if he didn't share what we now call racist views. I remember a few years ago putting two stories together (2+2+5?). I had read in several accounts the story of the swagman who comes in to the outback hotel and offers to play the piano in exchange for a beer. When given the chance he would play the most beautiful classical pieces on the broken down bar piano then drink his beer and disappear back to the bush. Damned if I can remember where these stories came from but I know I read them more than once. Then a few years ago, I read of how Grainger decided to walk between concerts in Adelaide and Sydney. For US readers that's like walking from New York to Texas and or UK catters, forget it, if you start in London, you're probably past Jerusalem. Apparently for these walks, he dressed as a swagman (US hobo) and could be out of circulation for months. Like they said, a strange man, but what music!