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Posted By: Bob Bolton
01-May-05 - 04:50 AM
Thread Name: Why did Ewan MacColl write new songs?
Subject: RE: Why did Ewan MacColl write new songs?
G'day MurkeyChris,

In 1932 the Manchester walkers wanted the right to walk in their countryside ... and Ewan wrote Manchester Rambler as part of the protest - and now it's the theme song of those walkers (social activism?).

In 1949 he needed to cover an awkward set change ... and Ewan wrote Dirty Old Town - and now it's a song claimed by towns all over the British Isles ... and beyond (theatrical needs?).

In 1957 he was wooing this Yankee lass ... and Ewan wrote The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by way of a long-distance telephone call to Peggy Seeger - and it (much) later, became a successful "pop" song (the needs of life?).

For the Radio Ballads he wrote songs formed from the words of the people the Ballads told us about ... and many have become almost the anthems of just those people (social reportage - but much more?).

Every folk song, ancient or modern, was written by someone ... why would you question the right of anyone to keep up the tradition?


Bob Bolton