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Posted By: GUEST,Hootenanny
03-May-05 - 02:41 PM
Thread Name: Why did Ewan MacColl write new songs?
Subject: RE: Why did Ewan MacColl write new songs?
To Dave S.

Sorry if you don't agree with me but if you could make more money from writing and copyrighting your own songs than by singing and recording traditional non copyright material would you not do so?
Joe Public in general I'm sure knows or has heard "The First Time Ever", but ask him/her about any of the bothy ballads or "The Day We Went To Rothesay-O" which Ewan used to sing regularly over the period of about three years during the late 50's early 60's when I used to see him virtually every Saturday night and you will get a blank look.

Personally I found him a man very difficult to warm to. Yes he did encourage younger performers but he also discouraged some. However he did some very good work and wrote some very good songs AND they made him money - lots of money in one case. Good for him.

I didn't post to deter other people from discussing the question. I posted giving what I believe to be a good enough reason for writing: financial reward. I suppose I should have realised that he only did it for the sake of art and to further the cause for us left leaning folk.

As I said above we all have to earn a crust one way or another.

Someone above mentions Ewan's plays being performed behind the iron curtain. Well I'm sure that made him rich too!!!