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Thread Name: Irish Emigrant Ballads and Songs Index
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Sorry for the delay, life seemed to take over for awhile!

Here is Chapter Seven!

Index of Songs in Irish Emigrant Ballads and Songs
As edited by Robert L. Wright
And published by Bowling Green University Popular Press 1975
ISBN# 0-87972-104-9

Chapter 7 – War

Title - First Line

Old Grannau Weal - "Old Grannau she arose in the morning so soon"

A New Song On The American War - "Come all you tender Christians with patience lend an ear"

By The Hush, Me Boys - "Oh, it's by the hush, me boys, I'm sure that's to hold your noise"

The Sons of Erin's Isle - "You sons of Erin's Isle, just listen for awhile"

The Irish-American Army - "Oh! I'm the boy, from Sweet Fermoy"

O'Toole & McFinnigan On The War - "Two Irishmen out of employ"

Pat Murphy of the Irish Brigade - "Says Pat to his mother"

Return of Gen. Corcoran of the Glorious 69th - "The Southerners in fierce array against the Northern bold"

Irish Brigade - "Ye sons of green Erin, assemble"

The Boys of the Irish Brigade - "What for should I sing you of Roman or Greek"

The Gallant Sons of Erin - "You, Soldiers brave, pray pay attention: gentle folks, grand condescention"

The Harp of Old Erin and Banner of Stars - "The war trump has sounded, our rights are in danger"

To a Brother Fighting for the Union - "There came to Columbia a young son of Erin"

The Glorious 69th! - "These noble sons of Erin, who to this country came"

The Gallant 69th Regiment - "Oh! Hibernia, Green Gem of the Ocean"

New War Song on the 69th Regiment - "Come all ye Irish hayroes, where iver that you be"

The New York Volunteer - "I am a gallant hero the Southerners ne'er could frighten"

Col. Owens' Gallant Irish Volunteers - "Come listen to my story, all"

Gorcoran's (Corcoran's) Irish Legion - "A song for our Flag, proudly waving on high"

Meagher is Leading the Irish Brigade - "You, true Sons of Erin, awake from your slumbers"

Battle of Bull's Run - "The Son's of Old Ireland, led forth in their glory"

Battle of Bull-Run - "Our gallant soldiers they are gone and left their friends to mourn"

A Lamentation on the American War– Awful Battle at Vicksburg - "You feeling hearted Irishman, and maidens now draw near"

New Song on the Dreadful Engagement and the Tremendous Loss of the Irish in America - "You Irishmen and women too, draw near both young and old"

Our Brave Irish Champions - "You feeling-hearted Christians of high and low degree"

A New Song on the Last Battle Fought in America - "Now loyal Irishmen draw near"

Reynold's Letter on the American War! - "My loving friends and neighbors all, who in Paddy's land reside"

A New Song – O'Brien of Tipperary - "You loyal hearted Irishmen attend unto my tale"

The Sorrowful Lamentation of the Two Brothers Mastersons… - "you feeling christians both one and all"

Kelly's Irish Brigade - "Listen, all ye that hold communion"

Old Ireland Far Away - "As the sun went down o'er that eager sky and the terrible war was o'er"

The Irish Picket - "I'm sthanding in the mud, Biddy"

The Irish Volunteer - "My name is Tim McDonald, I'm a native of the Isle"

We'll Fight For Uncle Sam - "I am a modern hairo: My name is Paddy Kearney"

Young America and Ould Ireland - "It's a soger I am, and I'm wearing the green"

The Soldier's Letter From America - "You galladt sons of Erin's Isle, of low and high degree"

The Loyal Lovers' Departure From Ireland - "The American War is over! And of peace I like to hear"

Lamentation of Gen. James Shields - "Draw near all bold defenders, of every race and clime"

Who Will Care For Mickey Now? - "Arrah! Molly darlin', I am drafted"

The Dying Irish Boy - "in the din and strife of battle when the sullen cannons roar"

Irish Rallying Song - "Awaken, men of Celtic blood"

Farewell to Slieve Gallen - "To all intending emigrants I pen this simple lay"

Kelly, and Burke and Shea - " 'Read out the names,' and Burke sat back"