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04-May-05 - 02:23 PM
Thread Name: Waterford Crystal Collapsing???
Subject: Waterford Crystal Collapsing???
Today the news broke that Waterford crystal are closing their Dungarvan plant with the loss of 400 jobs, and a further 100 redudancies possible in the main factory in the city.
Living in the area i know what a MASSIVE impact this is going to have on the local enonomy, especially in Dungarvan, Having seen the knock on effects when the working hours were cut due to 9/11, sending 4 to 5 hundred people to the dole office, is going to be horrendus,

Workers seem to vent their anger into the bad managment and organisation channels, However prior to this, I personally wondered about the welfare of the company. Last year, they sold off one of the staff car parks to Aldi, and not so long ago, they had land around the Glass sports and leisure centre, re-zoned by the city councill for commercial use, no doubt for future sale or tenure. Do these not point to an underlying finacial problem? if so why was more not done earlier to save what is, one of Irelands greatest exports.

To The Glassworkers of Dungarvan & Waterford city, my thoughts are with you and your families. May your future,although doubtfull at present, be a peacefull and secure one.