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Posted By: Rick Fielding
10-Dec-99 - 11:31 PM
Thread Name: Rick Fielding
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
Holy SHIT! (please excuse the profanity catters..I usually leave that to Catspaw)
So Kendall Morse, you're responsible for this! In the words of the immortal Leo Gorcey of the Bowery Boys, "Why I ottaaaaa.....!"
I've been peeking in on Mudcat for a few minutes late at night after working on a lot on new songs and details for some 2000 tours , but probably in a pretty low profile. Since my atheistic views are well known around here I didn't want to mess up any positive vibes eminating from the "healing threads", so I contented myself with reading what everyone else was saying, posting a "yes Minister thread" and listening to redhotjazz
I may break with my beliefs and call upon ALL the various dieties (male, female, feline, Charleton Heston etc.) to make sure there's no great turkey massacree this year. Jeri's comin' ALL the way from New Hampshire to join us! OH, the pressure! Maybe I'll just hire the neighbour to cook it. Be good my friends.