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Posted By: The Walrus
07-May-05 - 06:32 AM
Thread Name: Songs about the Great War (WWI)
Subject: RE: Songs about the Great War
Hi Mutt,

I'm wish to apologise for the grouchy tone of my last post (it had been an early start, then, that evening I couldn't get to sleep and I was just in the mood for a row - but that is no excuse for being so hectoring).

One thing, If I recall correctly, one cannot 'sit down beside' either of the McBride graves as neither is at the end of rows.
Actually, I seem to recall that Authuile Military Cemetery is quite a pleasant spot, just away from the main drag and so, fairly quiet and, as with all CWGC sites, beautifully kept (that said, I haven't been there for about 10 years).

I assume, from your 'Vietnam' question<1> that you are American Yes/no?
If you ever get a chance to visit France of Flanders, I would recommend that you visit a Commonwealth Cemetery. On a warm summer's evening, they have an air of sadness but without the depression one sometimes feels in civil cemetaries of the same era.



<1> To answer your question, No, I'm not a Vietnam vet, I was fortunate enough to be a year too young and at least three thousand miles too far East(I'm British).