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Posted By: *daylia*
07-May-05 - 08:49 AM
Thread Name: Tips for teaching a lefty guitar?
Subject: Tips for teaching a lefty guitar?
Hi all; I'm a piano teacher by profession and a self-taught guitar player. I've taken on a few guitar students only recently (after having my arm twisted by parents for years). I'm really enjoying it, but the call I got last week has left me a bit nervous. I've never taught a leftie before, and I know standard teaching methods, chord diagrams are written for right-handed players.

I'm wondering if any of you more experienced guitar teachers have any tips for teaching a left-handed child how to play the guitar?   He does have a proper left-handed guitar so that won't be a problem *whew*, but I'll need to draw up "mirror image" chord charts etc for him, right? Is there anything else you wouldn't mind sharing that you think I should know?

Thanks, daylia